At some shows...

Apache Adams, Chris, Andy Hedges, Dennis
Flynn, and Tuffy Cooper hiding in the corner

Me and Helen (My Boss)

Bill Killman, Chris, Pat Bates, and Rolf Flake at Cowboy Church

Chris and one of the Good 'ol Boys, Rolf Flake

Celebrety Ropin' at Boys Ranch

Warmin' up - Jay Snider, Chris, and Tim Jobe

Chris on the head, Dan Roberts at the heels

Chris and the Cunninghams,
CbarC wagon crew - best in the business!

Chris and Tim Jobe (the Boys Ranch Master of Disaster)

Ken and JoAnn Stanley, Chris, Dennis Flynn,
Lanney Jo Burnett, Jay and Sandi Snider (at this
point I had fallen in with Evil Companions!)

The Last Spring Works

Chris and his youngest three,
Arthur, Lisa and Michelle

Chris on Ol' Double

Burnin' the Brand

Chris with Don Trout on the heels

Even had time to get my last daughter married -
Mr and Ms Joe Huebsch and Lynden

To coin my ol' pard Curt, "All of my stories are
securely based on a slim foundation of possible fact"

It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!


The American Heritage Dictionary defines sincere as: presenting no false appearance, clean, pure, and genuine. This is Chris. He is sincere in his love of God, family, country, friends, and his heritage. His writing is sincere, but it couldn't be anything else, simply, because Chris is sincere."
Curt Brummett
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