A Pair of Aces
by Chris Isaacs

Chris recites some of the best work written
by two of the most popular cowboy poets ever,
Sunny Hancock and Larry McWhorter.

    A Pair of Aces by Chris Isaacs

Chris' love and admiration for two of his best friends comes through in what he says is his favorite album to date.

Guitar by Rich O'Brien.

CD - $14.95

    1. The Bear Tale by Sunny Hancock
    2. Doggerel, Plain and Simple by Sunny Hancock
    3. The High Steppin' Kind by Sunny Hancock
    4. The Horse Trade by Sunny Hancock
    5. Change on the Range by Sunny Hancock
    6. The Difference by Sunny Hancock
    7. Ode to My Lady, My Wife by Sunny Hancock
    8. Advice to the Traveler by Larry McWhorter
    9. The Retirement of Ashtola by Larry McWhorter
   10. Gate Session by Larry McWhorter
   11. He Rode for the Brand by Larry McWhorter
   12. The Red Cow by Larry McWhorter
   13. The Real Thing by Larry McWhorter
   14. Open Gate by Larry McWhorter

Out with the Crew
by Chris Isaacs

Winner of the Academy of Western
Artists 2002 Poetry Album of the Year.

Chris recites poems from some of
the most talented writers of cowboy poetry.

    Out with the Crew by Chris Isaacs

Vocals by RW Hampton,
Lisa Isaacs, & Leon Autrey.
Guitar by Leon Autrey, RW
Hampton, & Pat Dressen.
Violin by JoAnn Isaacs Brookover.

CD - $14.95

    1. One More Shippin Day by Wallace McRae
    2. Song of the Packer by Joel Nelson
    3. Tenderfoot by Bob Bird
    4. Alzeda by RW Hampton & Phil Martin
    5. The Three Wheeler by Jesse Smith
    6. Johnny Clare by Larry McWhorter
    7. The Eyes Have It by Rolf Flake
    8. Melinda by Leon Autry
    9. For Woody by Rod McQuery
   10. Cowboy Fairy Tale by Chris Isaacs
   11. Falls Last Fire by JB Allen
   12. The Old Night Hawk by Bruce Kiskaddon
   13. The Horse Trade by Sunny Hancock
   14. Leaving Camp by Randy Rieman

Most Requested
by Chris Isaacs

    Most Requested by Chris Isaacs

This collection includes the most popular poems that Chris has written and/or performed.

CD - $14.95

    1. Mutual Respect by Chris Isaacs
    2. Tribute to BA by Chris Isaacs
    3. Stampede at Jenny's by Chris Isaacs
    4. Answered Prayer by Chris Isaacs
    5. Nickles Worth by Chris Isaacs
    6. Michael Bia by Chris Isaacs
    7. Thanks Grandpa by Chris Isaacs
    8. All Out by Chris Isaacs
    9. The Horse Trade by Sunny Hancock
   10. The Flyin' Horse by Chris Isaacs
   11. Johnny Claire by Larry McWhorter
   12. When We Finish Shippin' Cattle in the Fall by Bruce Kiskaddon


Chris chronicles the world and life of a people transfixed by the lure of cow works, remuda, and pack mules. Reminiscent of uncut diamonds, each episode reveals a gem of human existence, explaining why his way of life holds many of us in its thrall."
— J. B. Allen

“Not many Poets can carry a whole show. Chris can!"
— Dr Dale "Doc" Hayes
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