Site Design
Basic Site - $10 per page
(minimum of three pages)

All pages include text header, background, and
6 pictures per page. An optional time or date function
and/or guest counter can be included at no extra
charge. You provide text and pictures.

Some pages you might want to include are:

Biography • Contact Info • Form Mail Page
Store Locator • Portfolio • Links

Design Extras

• Minor Text Changes - 5 free/month

• Major Text Changes - $20.00/hour
billed in 15 minute increments.

• Extra Pictures - $1.00 each with a
$5.00 minimum after the initial setup.

• Photo Scanning - $3.00 each

• Email Setup - Online $3.00 each
Outlook Setup - $5.00 each

• Message Board Setup - $50.00

• Backup CD - $10.00 each

• PDF Files - $10.00 each

• Webring Submissions - $4.00 each

• Forms - $10.00 each

• Other Services - $20.00/hour
billed in 15 minute increments.

Mal's Shopping Cart - $30.00
(Our personal favorite!)

This shopping cart has many options.
You can accept checks & money orders, link
to Paypal*, and/or collect credit card information
to run through your own merchant accout offline. You
can specify shipping, sales tax, and discounts. Receipts
are emailed to the customer automatically. This cart
can also be customized to match your site. Mal's
is very easy to use even for beginers!

*If you have a Paypal account there is no extra
charge for linking this cart. If you do not have a Paypal
account we will set one up for you for $10.00.

Paypal Shopping Cart - $30.00

This cart is for businesses that do not have their own merchant account.

Please note:

Site design fees do not include hosting, or graphics
other than a header and background as specified above. For any
other graphic needs, please email us for pricing.

Amythyst Web Design retains the copyright
to all graphics created by our artists. Copyright notice
must be posted on all websites using our work.

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